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Lunarphase Pro For Moon Watchers
Introduction To Stargazing With Binoculars. Constellations. And Basic Astronomy
Introduction To Observing The Deep Sky With A Telescope. Shows How To Find Galaxies. Star Clusters. Nebula. And Multiple Stars. Ideal For Beginning Stargazers And Newcomers To Astronomy
Simulate Jupiter And The Motions Of Its Four Main Satellites. Predict Great Red Spot Transit Times And Times Of Mutual Satellite Phenomana. See Sateelite Track Diagrams. Animate The Jovian System. Including The Great Red Spot. Get News About Jupiter
Moon Phase Prediction Software & Ebook(r
Bigfoot Has Been Mislabeled As Gigantopithecus Or Half Ape. Freelance Paleoanthropologist & Conservationist Tom Miller Walks Us Through The Science Of His Astonishing Discoveries Of Six Beings In 2008-09 With Photos.videos & Close Encounter Stories
2013? Nature's Constants 2060?: A Study Of The Connection Between The Constants Found In Nature And The Times And Places Of Significant Events In Earth History. Find Out Why There Are 360 Degrees In A Circle. 12 Inches In A Foot And 5280 Feet In A Mile